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  • Using a Natural Bypass Channel to Help Preserve Aquatic Species

    Background on the Site C dam This dam is located along the Peace River in Fort St. John (BC Hydro 2021). It is in the process of being constructed and is estimated to be complete by 2025 (BC Hydro 2021). The dam will be about 1km wide and 60km tall. When dams are built, they […]

  • Critiquing and Reflecting on Digital Humanities

    In this week’s readings and media posts, I recognized multiple themes. These consisted of different methods of thinking, biases and awareness in big data, as well as technology representing a reflection of society, and critical thinking. Ultimately, I learned that we need to be constantly adapting and thinking critically to be successful. Society is full […]

  • Storymap

    Here is my Storymap of some of the most deadly tornados that have hit the United States. I focused primarily on Missouri and Mississippi.

  • Timeline

    My topic is the evolution of the HIV virus. I chose this because in one of the labs of my biology courses we are studying the DNA sequences from the chimpanzee that started this virus so I thought it would be interesting. I encountered issues when trying to embed links/images into my timeline. I found […]

  • Project Proposal

    The theme and goal of my project: The above image is of the Site-C dam in Fort St. James. Concepts and humanities connections the project addresses: This project will use digital techniques to explain a real-world aquatic conservation example. I will show data in visually appealing and more comprehensive ways which will hopefully make it […]

  • My Twine story

    Here is my story, enjoy!

  • Voyant week 5

    These visualizations indicate the most prevalent words in these documents. This can help decipher the main elements of each presidential inauguration speech. The information can be useful when comparing similar goals each president wanted for the country. It could be useful as well for future presidents to analyze if they want to see the main […]

  • Reflection week 4

    I used the Text Scanner (OCR) app to scan a page of the text. It was fairly fast for the software to take the image and have it converted to text. One negative aspect that I noticed was that there were a few typos in the conversion. I purposefully did not fix some of them […]

  • Reflection week 3

    I chose these items because I was scrolling through my camera roll and saw my brother whom I miss. I also miss my cat which is why I posted the video of baby Milo. The sea anemone’s reminded me of home. I uploaded the Jeep sound and I actually got some input about it through […]

  • My Omeka reflection

    I didn’t really have a hard time installing Omeka as a subdomain, however, I downloaded the Omeka S version first. I read the reflection of a classmate saying they accidentally made the mistake of downloading the S version and I realized I did the same thing. Another issue I had was when I was trying […]